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Beckett at Dyer

Hibiscus Children’s Center Wins the Dyer Difference Award!

Beckett C. Horner, Esq. entered Hibiscus Children’s Center to win the Dyer Difference Award, and they ended up winning $3,000!  This was Beckett last week at Dyer Chevrolet proudly accepting the award for the Hibiscus Children’s Center! In the photo from left to right: Kevin Novander, Sales Manager; Tatiana Dyer; John Mitchell, Event Co-Chair; Trevor

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Robin Lloyd at Luau

40th Annual Tropical Night Luau for Youth Guidance

Robin & Brenda Lloyd enjoyed the recent Tropical Night Luau held on June 10, 2017, which raised $50,000 for Youth Guidance!

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Estate Plans: Not Just For Parents

By Beckett C. Horner, Esq., June 20, 2017 Traditionally, clients have reserved addressing their estate planning needs for later in their life. When those needs are finally addressed, their adult children often serve important roles in their estate plan, whether as beneficiaries or as executors or fiduciaries. On the other hand, the inaccurate perception has

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For Most Small Business Owners, Lower Taxes “Trumps” Estate Tax Repeal

By Beckett C. Horner, Esq., Published June 12, 2017 Vistage Worldwide, Inc. recently conducted a survey of nearly 750 small business owners for the Wall Street Journal, and although the results of the survey may not be overly surprising, the sentiments of those surveyed may signal the difficulty of implementing estate tax repeal any time

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If Estate Tax Repeal Fails, The ASSET Act Offers an Alternative

By Beckett C. Horner, Esq. May 23, 2017 Considering how changes to legislation have gone so far in President Trump’s tenure, passage of any legislation that would see the repeal of the Estate Tax seems less likely than it did on November 9th. As such, practitioners and clients alike may be questioning their next moves

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BREAKING: Florida Judiciary Passes Electronic Wills Act

By Beckett C. Horner, Esq. May 16, 2017   On May 5, the Florida House and Senate passed into law House Bill 277, which authorizes the new Florida Electronic Wills Act. The new legislation, which will allow persons to effectively draft and execute Wills through an online portal, will go into effect as of April

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Estate Tax Uncertainty Should Be a Catalyst For Drafting Flexibility

  By Beckett C. Horner, Esq. If there is one prevailing certainty regarding the Transfer Tax system in 2017, it would actually be its uncertain future. Politicians an pundits have been wrangling with the possibility of repeal since President Trump’s election on November 9th, 2016, but no one knows with any assurance what will occur.

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Beckett Horner Headshot

In a Year Full of Uncertainty, Estate Plan Flexibility is Key

Tax Planners and Clients can learn a lot from the Republicans’ failure to replace the Affordable Care Act with their own plan. Clients have long awaited a repeal of the estate tax or significant reform of the transfer tax system, but the inability of the Republicans to pass health care legislation lends itself to the

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Brenda Lloyd at the “Big Apple” themed Bingo Luncheon for the Senior Resource Association!

Brenda Lloyd having fun at the Big Apple themed Bingo Luncheon for the benefit of Senior Resource Association on March 29, 2017.  Robin Lloyd & Associates, P.A. proudly supports the Senior Resource Association!  Photo courtesy of Mary Schenkel from Vero News  

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Estate Tax Article

Every January I attend the Heckerling Estate Planning Conference.  This year a continuing topic was the end of the Estate Tax.  Now we regularly hear about that on the news.  Many of you have asked me about this and if it affects your Estate Plans.  Below is a link to a good article which is

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